church entrance

– What to Expect –


If you’re curious or wondering what it’s like or what to expect at our church, here’s some info and pictures to help answer those questions.

Where We Are

We’re located in Gardner at 161 Chestnut Street.  We have a parking lot with handicap spaces.  There’s are four stair steps to get into the church.  We have bathrooms near the church sanctuary.

parking lot

Who We Are

The building looks big, but we’re a small church with about 25-30 people attending our Sunday worship service.  Our members and attendees come from Gardner and the surrounding towns.  We welcome all faiths and all are welcome to join us.


What to Wear

You don’t need to dress up.  No special attire is required to attend our service.  Most wear casual clothes.  In the summer, many wear short sleeve shirts, shorts, and sneakers.

What Sunday Worship is Like

Our Sunday service is a traditional worship service.  It is led by our Pastor or a Lay Servant with help from church members who do various readings.  There are no participation requirements, but we hope you join us in the group prayers and singing.

Our service consists of group prayers, group hymns, expressions of joys and concerns, devotion giving, a gospel reading, and a sermon.   A choir supports our singing.   Communion is served monthly.   Bibles and hymnal books are available in all seating areas.

UMC Worship Books

What’s in Like in the Church

Our sanctuary is a beautiful room with several stained glass windows.  We have a sound system and wifi for attendees to  use.  We have padded wooden pews.  Feel free to sit anywhere you’d like.

We have a special area in the rear of the sanctuary for families with small children.   Hearing devices are available for those who need assistance.

Children Area

What About Covid Pre-Cautions

Please see this link –  Church Is Open for information about our Covid precautions.

Please feel free to ask any questions using our Contact Form.  We hope to see you soon.