Ministry Meeting

— Ministries —


In the Bible, Jesus instructed his disciples to spread his teachings to all the nations of the world.   To share his teachings of love, peace, compassion, hope, and salvation.  We take up this charge and do his work through our ministry efforts.   While our efforts may be small, we try to impact people in different ways.  Listed below are some of our current ministries.


Thrift Store

We operate a part-time small thrift store on our church property at 161 Chestnut Street.  The purpose of the thrift store is to redistribute used clothing and household items to those in need.   The Thrift Store is open to the public.  We take in donated items and sell them to the public.  We also donate items to people who have an emergency need.   For more info about donations or items, please use this Contact Form or call us at 978-632-1978.

Store Hours:  Wednesdays:  9 am – 2 pm, Saturdays:  9 am – 12 pm


Bible Study

Bible StudyThe Bible is God’s word to us.   It describes the history of our creation, it contains God’s teachings, and it shows us what God’s intentions are.  It’s also a guidebook to how God wants us to live our lives.

We conduct a weekly Bible study that is open to the public.  We usually study individual books within the Bible.  Our studies are interactive and discussion-based.  We welcome new people to join us.  For more info about times, please use this Contact Form or call us at 978-632-1978.

Bible Study Times:   Suspended


Monthly Community Dinner

We hold a monthly dinner at the church that is open to all in our community.  This dinner is free to all who attend.  We hold this dinner to help provide a warm meal to those in need.   It is usually held during the middle of each month.

Anyone is welcome to attend this dinner.

Our monthly dinners have been suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Food Pantry

Food PantryWe operate a Food Pantry for those in need of healthy food.  We collect non-perishable donated food items at the church.  Church attendees can bring non-perishable food items to the church on Sundays.  The items are collected and then distributed on the second Wednesday of each month.

For more info, about our Food Pantry please contact Cheryl D. at the Thrift Store or use this Contact Form.