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We believe God is already at work in everyone to make us complete, to seek justice and to be drawn into love. 

Through the acts of Baptism and life-long discipleship, we accept the divine invitation to love our neighbors as ourselves. When we practice our baptismal vows, we are committed to be present, offer up our skills, our talents and be a witness for love and service everywhere we are.

But accepting our call to love and service has additional implications and a learning curve. In the church, we call this learning process “leadership development.” The United Methodist Church offers many learning and credentialing paths for those who want to pursue this ministry of servitude in the world, whether that is as a clergy person or not. Trying to figure out what we are called to do in life or discerning our call means participating in sacred work.

Whether that is at a personal level, a community level or a professional role within the United Methodist Church, we believe every single person has a calling and that every calling has a place. Not just “anywhere” but always a specific “somewhere,” each with its own challenging histories, promising experiences of grace and hope for a better future.

We encourage you to take a minute to look around. Where do you see the brokenness and injustices in your community? How can God use you to bring healing?