Maundy Thursday/Good Friday Services

MAUNDY THURSDAY – Thursday 04/06/2023, we’ll have a meal – soup and bread serving at 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm followed by readings from the scriptures, foot washing and prayers. Please bring a friend. Our brothers and sisters from South Gardner Baptist Church will join us including other folks from our Ecumenical Community. Pastor Sela
and friends will prepare this meal. We have a couple from the church who have volunteered to do the foot washing. This is a powerful story of Christ’s demonstrating “servanthood” and “humility”.

• GOOD FRIDAY: 04/07/2023 – A Good Friday Service will be at the Baptist Church in South Gardner. Rev. Dixon will lead; Pastor Sela and other clergy will participate in the service. Please plan to attend if you are able. Note: The service is 6 pm – 7 pm.
If you are not working, please try to attend. Let us join and listen again to our story of how Christ deliberately came and died to give us freedom from sin and death.