Praying For People We Don’t Know

Praying For People We Don’t Know


Prayer.  It’s how we communicate with God.  When we pray we give thanks; we solicit his guidance, we share our troubles.  It’s also how we request his help.

When I started praying, most of my prayers were all about me.  I give thanks to God for what he has given me and ask him to please guide me.  It’s an easy tendency to focus only on our own needs.  I also pray for family members or close friends when I’m aware of the needs of someone I know.

This summer I heard a good sermon on praying for others who we don’t know.  When we pray for other people, we’re raising up that person(s) to God’s attention.  We’re telling God that here is a person or people who need his help.  We don’t need to know the person or know all the details of their situation.  We can just ask God to help, to comfort, to heal, to strengthen, to console, to guide, to send angels.   God will know what to do.

I still include myself in prayers, but I now devote considerable time praying for others who I don’t know.  I pray for God to keep safe the children and teachers going back to school during the Covid pandemic.  I pray for the nurses who are overwhelmed treating a constant flow of patients with Covid.  I pray for people impacted by hurricanes and fires.  I pray for people in my faith communities and for people that others ask me to pray for.

I have faith that God listens to all our prayer and he answers them in his own way.  By praying for others, I feel that in some way, I’m helping another person.  I’m lifting them up, placing them in front of God (who is the ultimate healer and counselor), and asking him to help them.

Please pray others.  Prayers work.


“So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

 Mark 11:24

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