Why I Go To Church

– Why I Go To Church –


This is a question that some may ponder – why go to church?  I thought I’d provide an answer in the hope that my answer may help someone contemplating this question.

First, let me provide some reasons that don’t apply to my answer.  I don’t go to church because I have to or because of a sense of duty or obligation.  I don’t go because of conventions or to comply with any church rules.  I go because I want to go.

Now, here are the reasons why I want to go.

  • I go because it supports my faith.  There are aspects of my faith that are solitary, that don’t require church – things like believing, praying, my personal actions, and reading the Bible.  But there are aspects of faith that require connection to other people of faith.  Connection is what helps grow my faith and helps make it stronger.  I get connection at church by listening to sermons, witness statements, and attending Bible studies.
  • I go because it pleases God.  There’s no passage in the Bible that says we must go to church, but God does want us to give him praise and worship.  I know God loves me and going to church is an opportunity to give love back to Him.
  • I go to be able to contribute at a higher level and to make a broader impact.  Faith is not just having spiritual knowledge.  Faith is belief in action.  I live my faith.  Being part of a church lets me connect with more people, reach more people, and help more people.  We can do more as a group than individuals.
  • I go to be with and support my church family.  A church is not a building – it’s the people who gather in the building.  I regularly attend two churches – one in Massachusetts and one in Florida during the winter .  I’ve been welcomed into both groups and consider each a church family that I am part of.  They are my spiritual brothers and sisters and I am blessed to know all of them.

I like going to church.  I wouldn’t have said that when I was young.  But now, I enjoy going.  When I go to church, I get my faith batteries recharged.  I do something that pleases God.  I’m able to do things that help others.  I get to socialize and be with a great group of people each week.

Chestnut Street UMC
My church in Massachusetts – Chestnut Street UMC


I look forward to going to church.  My faith journey didn’t start until I was 62 and that’s when I started to attend church regularly.  So, I’m a living example that shows it’s never too late to start.

In my travels across the country, I’ve walked into numerous churches on a Sunday morning as a visitor.  I was warmly welcomed at each one and each visit has been a very positive experience.

Beach UMC
My church in Florida – The Beach UMC

If you’re thinking about going to a church or going back to church, I encourage you to take that first step.

If you also attend a church, please share a reason why you go in the comments below. It just might help someone.

Jim Malley

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