Message From The Pastor – May 2020

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Message From The Pastor – May 2020


Pastor Sela Rousseau

According to the book of Acts, all the followers of Jesus gathered in Jerusalem.  The place Jesus instructed them to be.  These are his followers, including Jesus’s disciples.  They all witnessed his teachings, healings, and miracles.  They knew Jesus had promised something for them.

In John 14, Jesus promised that he would give them a Helper, which he indicated as the Holy Spirit in verse 26.  But the Helper will teach you everything.  The Helper is the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name.  He laid out what would happen, what the followers needed to do, and the deliverance of the gift he promised. Jesus also mentioned here the Holy Spirit as the gift.  Most of them did not quite understand what he meant.

Acts reveal that the appointed day came like a violent wind.  Suddenly from heaven, there came a sound like the rush of a fierce wind, and it filled the entire house where they gathered. They witnessed divided tongues of fire, rested on each follower. They immediately began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them the ability so that Jews from every nation under heaven living in Jerusalem could hear the message expressed in their native tongue.  They were able to listen to the Word of Christ spoken to them in their language. They were confused and amazed. How could this be? Some of the people thought that they were drunk! They were drunk alright but not from the “spirit” (alcohol) that some assumed, but it was a different spirit – Holy Spirit.

Peter, empowered by the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that lived in Jesus, stood up and preached to the crowd about Jesus. He was not afraid to share the Good News about Jesus.  Jesus, who was crucified by the Jews but had risen from the dead and had ascended to heaven.

The disciples started laying hands-on people as their Lord Jesus had done. They healed and blessed people in the name of Jesus. They immediately took care of the poor by providing them with the Good News. They liberated the oppressed. They healed the sick and fed the hungry they also visited those in prison. They took care of the widows, orphans, and lost. They invited the marginalized and the cast-off members of society to be part of their community. Jesus’s ministry now became their ministry. This is the call for all believers now.  The church’s task is to continue Jesus’s ministry in the world.

Pentecost is not to celebrate us who have already disciples of Jesus Christ. But for us to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we have the task of proclaiming the good news.

Pentecost brought power and fire of the Holy Spirit to all believers. That fire started to spread when the followers traveled around to faraway places to bring the good news. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to be our empowerment and equipper. Jesus did not leave us as orphans nor sent us into the world to do ministry unequipped. He gave us the most potent and useful tool – the Holy Spirit.

Again, I reflect upon the mission statement of the Methodist church – To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. It is up to us, people of Pentecost, to intentionally and radically proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

There is someone out there who needs to know your Lord Jesus. Go, tell her/him about your Jesus. The Holy Spirit is with you. “Go!”

Let us pray:Spirit of the living God.   

                      Fall afresh on us.” Amen.       



Pastor Sela Rousseau

“We are the evidence of God’s presence in the world.”

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