How God Has Helped US

– How God Has Helped Us –


Sometimes when I’m talking with someone about faith, a question comes up about how do we know whether God really exists.  The person asking the question is usually looking for some type of empirical evidence that God exists.  It’s a question that many may have.

One way we know God exists is based on His presence in our lives.  Many Christians have experienced God in their lives

I thought it might to helpful to hear some direct statements from faithful people I know about what God has done for them.


“I reached out for God’s help at a challenging time in my life.  Later, when I develop a relationship with God, I realized He’s been looking out for me and helping me my entire life.”


“For me, God is life and light of the world and especially in my life. I am nothing without Him. Through all my struggles and frustration God has always brought me out even when everything seems hopeless. God is a constant presence in my life. He has never and will never fail me. I have learned to be faithful and to wait on His timing because He is an on-time God. As the songwriter says, “Great is thy faithfulness. All I have needed thy hands have provided.” As such I live my life believing this and is striving “to become the evidence of God presence in the world.”


“I most feel God’s presence in my life, and I’m filled with His peace and joy, when I act on His call to help those in need.”


“I need God’s strength to help me get through these troubling times.  I’m grateful for knowing His truth.  I’m  also filled with hope and joy at the promise of His coming kingdom.”


“My faith and the church family has helped me through the bad and good times.”


“I encountered many challenges in the past 4 months.  I traveled away from my family and congregation to attend school in Washington DC.  Facing an unfamiliar environment and learning to adapt to school after twenty years was difficult.  Then there were funerals of dear friends and helping church members facing difficult illness. These were huge burdens but, I am grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness.  I know and believe that these challenges will pass.  As read in Lamentations 3:22-23 – “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end.” One by one, God has removed my burdens. Each day, I feel liberated. I thank God for his constant presence in my life.”


God exists in all of us.  He created each of us and knows all about us.

For us to know God and feel His presence, all we have to do is reach out, to study and follow His Word, and start believing.

His grace, love, and peace are available to all.

Jim Malley


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