A Prayer Answered, A Call Given

A Prayer Answered, A Call Given


During 2013, I suffered from a very rare and serious skin disorder.  This disease caused the skin on my arms and legs to blister part.  It came on very quickly after I began taking a new drug for my colitis.  It was very painful and life threatening.

It took 4 doctors to diagnose what I had. Having a chronic incurable disease like colitis was bad enough. This new disease was 10 times worse and really challenged my mental ability to deal with another serious illness.

Every morning I’d awake to see more skin shredding off my arms and legs  The drug the doctors gave me to try and halt the blistering wasn’t working.  I became scared seeing my body fall apart.  When the fear set in, I began praying. 

Turning to Prayer

At that time, I was not a faithful person and hadn’t prayed or gone to church in over 40 yrs.  But, I was at the end of my rope and needed help.

I prayed a simple prayer asking God to help me. I prayed dozens of time each day – “Dear God, please help me.”   The doctors treating me were great and eventually the drug worked.  It took 6 months to stop the blistering.

I prayed nonstop during those 6 months.  It took 7 months for my skin to completely heal.  I do not have any scars from that hideous disease and never had a reoccurrence.  God had surely helped, healed, and cured me. 

Hearing God’s Call

Life was good after my recovery.  But, I never forgot how God had helped me and I somehow wanted to maintain a connection with Him.  I guess God knew this because about a year later, I got His call.

I remember one day a recurring thought popped into my head.  “Seek Him Out” was the message that kept playing over and over.  I sort of knew what it meant, but I was undecided on what to do about it.

During the Fall of 2016, the message was still playing in my head everyday – “Seek Him Out”.  I began an effort researching faiths and religions.  I was serious about it, researching theologies, key figures, and church histories.  I decided that when I went to Florida for the winter I would seek out a church based on my research.

In January 2017, I walked into the Beach UMC in Fort Myers Beach, FL  Other than for a wedding or a funeral, I had not been in a church for over 40 years.  I knew no one at this church.  But within 10 minutes of being in the building, I felt a great joy come over me and knew I had just done what God wanted me to do.  And the message stopped playing in my head.

At age 62, I had answered His call and began my faith journey.   It would  mark the start of a new and very rewarding chapter in my life. 

Jim Malley


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