Sharing the Good News


This summer, I attended a bluegrass music festival in the Catskills and was camped with friends at the festival site.  The festival site is huge and accommodates over 4,000 campers.  My friends and I had our RV’s parked together in a U shape with a communal dining / sitting area in the center.  We had a nice comfy set up for the four-day festival.

Our camping area at the music festival

One of my friends, Teri, brought a bulletin board and chalk board where she would post the days music schedule.  She also used the chalk board to write an inspirational message each day.  Her messages where usually a song verse or some type of announcement.

Teri’s bulletin board and chalk board

On Saturday morning after breakfast, I saw her standing before the chalk board pondering what to write for the days message.  So, I went up and stood with her to see what she would write.  She said – “Jim, I’m drawing a blank.  I can’t think of anything to write”.  She handed me the chalk and said “Here, you write something.”

It was easy for me.  I wrote my favorite Bible verse on the chalk board – John 13:34 “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.”  

When I was done, Teri got up to see what I had written.  “That is so great!” she said.  Upon hearing Teri’s comment my other seven friends got up to read the message.  They all concurred with Teri.  It was a good message.

Through out the day whenever I happened to be at our campsite, as people walked by I noticed many would stop and read the message.  Many would nod their head in concurrence.

I pondered this reaction.  Being a Christian and regular church goer is not popular these days.  But in these days of fake news and political polarization, people still thirst for a positive message.  They probably don’t get to hear or see God’s message and words in the media or on social apps.  But when they happen to come across it, it makes people pause and reflect.

Jesus Message

Jesus words are still as powerful today as they were when he spoke them almost 2,000 yrs ago.  Everyday, I try to be the light and look for opportunities to share His message of love and hope.


Jim Malley

August 2018

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